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5 Things You Should Know About Gunite Pools

Why Should You Hire Gunite Pool Builders?

One way to enjoy life is to own a backyard pool. Nowadays, gunite pools are popular in homes and resorts, especially due to their versatility in shape and durability. Gunite is easier to install than a regular pool, and because it does not require a wooden framework for construction, gunite is less expensive to install than a regular pool.

5 Things You Should Know About Gunite Pools

Gunite pools are a lasting, outstanding, and easy-to-customize option for an inground pool. If you want a gunite pool, there are some things you should know about these pools.

Here’s what you need to know about gunite pools:

One good thing about installing gunite pools is that you can customize them to your preferred size and shape. This will make it fit perfectly into your outdoor living space. There’s no need to redesign the landscaping around your backyard pool. These pools are more flexible compared to others in this sense.

Are you planning on a gunite pool?

One essential factor is the exact location of your gunite pool. Most aspects, such as underground piping, close to roots, weeds, or slopes, require consideration when selecting a site. It is essential that you choose a reputable pool builder that has lots of experience in building gunite pools.

Consulting with a professional on the pool site is important to prevent damage later on. This is particularly essential if you want a more elaborate pool shape (such as a freeform pool), for which gunite concrete is the best option.

Highly durable

Gunite pools are the most durable concrete pools you can own. With a rebar structure beneath and many layers of sturdy concrete, you can forget about the common cracks you get in traditional concrete.

There are often serious faults when it comes to poured concrete that you will not see in gunite installation. Consider a poured concrete walkway having a seam or space every yard or so. Seams such as this are defective points in pool building, weakening the overall structure.

Finally, the most durable construction material for pools is concrete. Gunite pools can last for years, and they are not susceptible to tears or rips.

Gunite pools are coarse

If you want to build a gunite pool, you should take into consideration your preference concerning the walls and floor texture of the pool. Most sensitive foot swimmers might find a gunite pool’s rough bottom a little too harsh. Half-done gunite has also been known to rip a swimsuit while a swimmer sits on the steps or bench.

In addition, a porous surface such as concrete is the best area for algae to flourish. For this reason, it’s important to practice the right pool maintenance.

It takes a long time to construct

Because all the job gets done on-site and concrete layers take some time to dry and cure, you might be waiting two to three months or more to construct this pool from square one. This might look like ages in contrast to other kinds of inground swimming pools. However, be patient, as time is what will make gunite so durable and sturdy.

An essential phase of building gunite pools is accurate curing. This will be the difference between a long-lasting pool and one that will crack and wear away within a couple of years.

Curing, and essentially time is what lets the gunite be well hydrated. This makes it get to its precise designed compacting strength.

Unending customization

Gunite pools are very appealing to prospective pool owners due to their customizability and flexibility. Your preferences and personality shine through when you build this type of pool. The reason for this is that you can customize it into any shape or size you want. The installation takes place on-site. This makes them easy to build and match well with the landscaping in your outdoor space.

The good thing about these pools is the wide variety of finishes that seamlessly incorporate the new pool with the patio, deck, and other outdoor fixtures. The most popular are pebbles, glass, plaster, and quartz. You can apply these after the gunite layers cure.

5 Things You Should Know About Gunite Pools

Add-on features

With gunite pool installation in your backyard space, you are not only getting a swimming pool. There are an array of additional features to integrate into your outdoor space.

These include choices such as grottos, custom steps or benches, waterfalls, tanning ledges, bar stools, and other features of your dream.


It can be overwhelming to design a pool when you start weighing all the customization choices. Different building materials have different lead times for construction. They will be affected by things that you cannot control, like the weather.

If you want something built to last for years and that you can customize to suit your needs, think about the above benefits of gunite pools. We at Lakeside Custom Pools specialize in gunite pools in different sizes, shapes, and styles. Contact us today to build your dream pool.

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