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All Luxury Pools Have These 5 Things in Common

All Luxury Pools Have These 5 Things in Common

More often than not, luxury pools contain certain features that make them exceptional. Thus, if you plan to construct a luxury pool, get prepared to spend thousands of dollars on these features. In this article, we look at the most common features found in luxury pools.

All Luxury Pools Have These 5 Things in Common

Fire features

Fire features by your poolside bring a sense of elegance to your outdoor living area. There is a broad spectrum of fire features available today. Some include fire pits and fire bowls. You can always place fire features anywhere near the pool. It all depends on your preference. Fire features warm up the poolside area, especially at night.

Additionally, these luxurious features help you navigate the pool at night. A fire feature also creates the perfect chill spot for you and your family. You can wine and dine with your loved ones by the poolside, even on cold nights. Ultimately, fire features modify your yard into a luxurious haven.

Grottos and caves

The next common feature found in luxury pools is a grotto. A grotto is a cave-like structure often located beneath the pool. This feature transforms your pool into a radiant oasis at night. Grottos also make swimming experiences more enjoyable. Generally, there is usually a sense of mystery that comes with these luxury water features. So if you want to construct a world-class pool, do not forget to include a grotto.

Perimeter overflow

A perimeter overflow is a popular feature found in luxury pools. Most people confuse a perimeter overflow with a zero-edge pool. However, these two are different. A perimeter overflow is more of a 36- degree vanishing edge pool. Perimeter overflow pools incorporate a ‘no-boundary effect on more than one side of the pool. From a distance, these pools resemble a flat glass sheet. If you wish to construct a perimeter overflow pool, ensure you employ a dependable pool contractor. Typically, the pool wall and water level should have the same height for you to achieve this effect.

Pool lights

Almost every luxury pool has pool lights. Pool lights are aesthetic and functional features. They not only transform your pool into a radiant oasis at night but also helps you navigate the pool at night. One of the best things about pool lights is that they underscore all the water features in the pool. Currently, there is a wide range of pool lights available. The most common ones include halogen, fiber optic, and led lights. Pool experts report that Led lights are the best since they offer the highest longevity. Consider using multi-colored led lights. The effect they bring to your pool is out of this world.

Automatic covers

Contrary to popular opinion, automatic pool covers are also a common feature in luxury pools. Automatic pool covers protect your pool from dirt. As a result, they help you cut down on pool maintenance costs. In some states, automatic pool covers are a compulsory safety feature in pools. Subsequently, almost every pool owner uses this feature for their pool. Even so, luxury pool owners love automatic pool covers due to their functional nature.

Other features found in luxury pools

A pool slide

Water slides are the best when it comes to providing more hours of pool play. Luxury pool owners love this feature since it keeps their children occupied during summer. Also, pool slides can help you attract a large clientele if you are a commercial pool owner. As a result, a water slide can help you increase your profits and revenues. Aside from being functional features, pool slides significantly boost your property’s aesthetics. However, installing a pool slide can cost thousands of dollars. Also, ensure that your pool slide complements your yard and pool.

All Luxury Pools Have These 5 Things in Common

Swim-up bars

Swim-up bars are increasingly becoming popular among most luxury pool owners. Swim-up bars often contain concrete bar stools grounded to the surface of the pool. Most of these barstools surround a pool island. Here, swimmers can sit and enjoy the breathtaking views offered by the pool. A swim-up bar transforms your pool into a premium oasis. If you are constructing a commercial pool, consider installing a swim-up bar. This feature is inviting; hence, it attracts a large customer base. In turn, it can help you increase your profits and revenues.

Rock waterfalls

Another common feature you can find in a luxury pool is a waterfall. Waterfalls create a naturalistic view in your backyard. Therefore, they complement any yard design. Water flowing from these features often creates a tranquil atmosphere in your yard. This feature can modify your yard into a high-end tourist resort.

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Luxury pools often contain certain features. Some of them include grottos, perimeter overflow, and pool lighting. These features work toward increasing the functionality and aesthetics of the pool. However, adding these features to your pool can be expensive. Thus, it is important to find a reputable pool contractor to handle your project. If you live in Austin, Lakeside Custom Pools got you covered. Our pool builders are well trained and experienced in constructing luxury inground pools. So, do not hesitate to contact us if you need any pool services.

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