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Building Custom Gunite Pools

Building Custom Gunite Pools

Typically, gunite swimming pools are popularly known for their high adaptability. Gunite pools can take any shape or design. Nonetheless, building custom gunite pools is not a walk in the park. You need to follow all the right steps involved in construction. Otherwise, you might end up spending thousands of dollars on replacements and repairs in the long run. Subsequently, it would be best to hire a reputable pool construction company like Lakeside Custom Pools. Here at Lakeside Custom Pools, we specialize in building custom gunite pools that switch up your yard into a premium haven.

Building Custom Gunite Pools

How do you customize a gunite swimming pool?

Currently, there are numerous ways to customize a gunite pool. Always find what works best for your preferences and budget. Some of the techniques used to customize your gunite pool include:

Building a unique gunite pool shape: Instead of building a geometrical or round gunite swimming pool, you can build a freeform or kidney-shaped gunite pool. There is a broad spectrum of shapes to use for your swimming pool. If you want to build a world-class pool, consider building an octagon-shaped or hexagon-shaped swimming pool. These shapes have unique curves that contribute to the aesthetics of your yard. Regardless of the shape you choose, ensure it complements your landscape.

Find a unique design for your swimming pool:

You can customize a gunite pool into any design. So, consider building an infinity edge gunite pool or perimeter overflow pool. These designs offer remarkable aesthetics. Gunite is also ideal for Olympic pool designs. This is because Olympic pools are very large. Before settling for one particular pool design, conduct thorough research online. Alternatively, consult your contractor on the best design of custom gunite pools to incorporate.

Adding water features:

Another way to customize your pool is to add at least two water features. Water features undoubtedly contribute greatly to the beauty and functionality of the pool. For example, pool slides make the pool more appealing and provide more hours of pool play for your children. On the other hand, adding a spa to your gunite pool enables you to destress and unwind at the end of a long day.


Upgrading your landscape also contributes to the beauty of the pool. So, consider growing herbs or palm trees around the swimming pool. Doing this helps you create a naturalistic view in your yard. Also, trees create a shade where you can relax after swimming. However, ensure the landscaping you create does not interfere with the normal functioning of the pool. For instance, planting a tree right next to the swimming pool can clog the filter, especially if leaves keep falling into the pool.

Use the right pool finish:

Choosing an attractive pool finish significantly boosts the aesthetics of your gunite pool. Some of the best pool finish materials you can choose include tile, aggregate, plaster, and natural stone. Glass mosaic delivers the best aesthetics; however, it may be too costly for most homeowners. Ensure you select a pool finish with a color that matches your yard and pool. Moreover, choose a quality pool finish that lasts for an extended period of time without repairs and replacements.

Good deck material:

Your pool deck should complement the pool. Some of the most popular pool deck materials are wood, stone, and concrete. Concrete makes a good deck material since you can customize it into different colors. The pool deck material you use should be non-slippery and resistant to heat. This way, it will be much more comfortable to walk across the deck material, especially when wet. The pool deck material should also match your yard’s design.

Install an outdoor kitchen:

Another way to make your gunite pool more aesthetically pleasing is to install an outdoor kitchen. Doing this makes your pool area the best place to host pool parties and celebrations. You can always have regular cookouts with your family and friends in an outdoor kitchen.

Building Custom Gunite Pools

Factors to consider when customizing a gunite pool.

Before customizing a gunite pool, you need to consider several factors. Some include:

Pool size:

Before adding any water features to your pool, determine the size of your pool. Small swimming pools can only accommodate a few water features. On the other hand, a large pool accommodates more than three water features. If you have a small pool, choosing a bright-colored pool finish creates the illusion of a bigger pool.

The shape of your yard:

The shape of your yard generally determines the pool design and size. Therefore, ensure your backyard can accommodate your preferred pool layout.

The best custom gunite pools in Texas

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