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How is a Gunite Swimming Pool Made?

How is a Gunite Swimming Pool Made?Pools

The popularity of gunite pools has continually risen over the years. Although expensive, gunite pools provide a broad spectrum of benefits. However, you need to hire a pool expert to construct your gunite pool. Building a gunite pool is not a walk in the park. So, do your best to avoid conducting a DIY construction procedure. So, how is a gunite swimming pool made?

How is a Gunite Swimming Pool Made?

The process of making a gunite swimming pool

Step one: The first thing to do when constructing a gunite pool is to come up with the pool layout. Having a pool design in mind is important. It helps your pool builder know your requirements. During this step, identify your preferred pool size and design. Conducting online research can help you get your preferred pool design. Also, consider checking a few pool magazines here and there. All in all, you should have the end goal in mind. Once you come up with your preferred pool layout, present it to your contractor.

Step two:

The second thing is to choose a suitable location to build the gunite pool. Your pool area should be free from underground cables and obstacles. Additionally, avoid placing the pool directly under the tree. Doing this exposes the pool to more dirt. In turn, you risk overworking your filter. Be careful when choosing the pool area. Choosing the wrong location can cost you thousands of dollars in the long run. It would be best to get a thorough site inspection from your local authorities.

Step three:

After obtaining your pool construction permits, proceed with excavation. Pool excavation involves digging the pool are based on the pool design. Excavation sets a foundation for the pool. So, conduct this process carefully. You can use a tractor to excavate the pool, especially if the pool is big. However, make sure you pay attention to all the corners and curves.

Step four:

The next step is to conduct pool plumbing. Here, install all pool equipment and their respective plumbing. During this process, you will require to install the drain lines and skimmer lines. If you are planning to incorporate water features into the pool, conduct the respective plumbing.

Step five:

Put up the rebar in the pool according to the shape of the pool. Typically, this steel framework is responsible for supporting the entire weight of the pool. Therefore, you have to install the rebar carefully. There are certain guidelines pertaining to rebar installation. Ensure you understand and follow them.

Step six:

Once you complete installing the rebar, start the gunite application process. Here, it would be best if you had an experienced gunite pool contractor. Spraying gunite across the rebar is not simple. Most contractors use a high-pressure nozzle to spread gunite across the entire rebar. The best thing about the gunite application is that you can always pause the application and continue after some time. The gunite should produce an even surface at the end of the day. After you complete the gunite application process, leave it to cure for not less than 28 days. Keep monitoring the pool from time to time in between this time frame.

Step seven:

When gunite finally cures, finish the pool. There is a wide range of materials you can use to finish your pool. Each offers unique aesthetics and functionality. Consult your contractor on the best pool finish material to use. Some of the best pool finishes using include tile, aggregate, and plaster. Before settling for a particular finish material, it would be best to evaluate your requirements first.

Step eight:

Afterward, proceed with tiling and coping. Always use a tile pattern that complements the pool. Ask your contractor to help you select a quality pool decking material. Doing this helps you reduce repair and replacement costs in the long run.

How is a Gunite Swimming Pool Made?

Step nine:

Once the pool is complete, fill it with water. Switch on the necessary pool equipment to see whether your pool is working properly. At this point, it would be best to switch on the pool filter, pump, and heater to confirm whether the pool is functional. If the pool can’t function properly, call in a professional to examine the pool.

Step ten:

After confirming that everything is okay with your pool, balance the water chemistry. Add the necessary chemicals to obtain a neutral pH of 7.2 to 7.6. Also, ensure your calcium hardness levels range from 125 to 175 ppm. Your chlorine levels should be accurate. Don’t start swimming in a poll with unbalanced water chemistry since you pose a danger to your health. Moreover, balancing your water chemistry helps you prevent algae growth and keeps the pool crystal clear.

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