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How Long Does Building Gunite Pools Take?

How Long Does Building Gunite Pools Take?

Typically, there are three major pool types; fiberglass, gunite, and vinyl pools. Each of these pools offers unique aesthetics and functionality. However, gunite pools are popular for their longevity and adaptability. You can customize your gunite swimming pool to any size and shape. Nevertheless, you have to hire a dependable pool contractor to construct your gunite pool. Remember, you cannot afford to make mistakes during construction. This is because you might end up spending thousands of dollars on pool repairs in the long run. Here at Lakeside Custom Pools, we specialize in building gunite pools that transform your outdoor space into a luxurious haven.

 How Long Does Building Gunite Pools Take?

The average time taken to construct a gunite pool

Coming up with the pool layout – 2–3 weeks

More often than not, you’ll need to come up with your preferred pool design before construction. Conduct thorough research on the best gunite pool designs online during this process. You can consult your contractor on the best pool designs to choose from. It would be best to settle for a pool layout that caters to your requirements. The process of coming up with your preferred pool layout often takes two to three weeks. Nonetheless, this process can take as little as two weeks, depending on how fast you can conduct your research. Your pool contractor will also help you get the permits you need to build your pool at this point.

Pool excavation: 1-4 days

Now that you have your pool layout and permits, you can start building the pool by excavating the pool area. The time needed for pool excavation depends on the quantity of labor and the size of the area. The larger the pool area, the more time is needed for excavation. On average, it takes one to four days to complete excavation. Note that factors like weather and underground obstacles significantly affect the time required for excavation.

Rebar installation: 1-2 days

The next thing to do is to put up the rebar. Rebar is a steel framework that supports the entire structure of the pool. You will need several contractors to install the rebar for you. This process usually takes approximately one to two days. Needless to say, this time varies depending on the number of contractors and pool size.

Installation of pool plumbing: 2-3 weeks

Once you have put in the steel framework, proceed with plumbing the pool. The pool plumbing system you put in place depends on the equipment you plan to install. All pool electricals, drain lines, and equipment will be put in place here. It can take about two weeks to complete the pool plumbing process.

Gunite application and curing: 1 day + curing process time

The next thing to do is apply gunite across the entire pool surface. Your pool contractor will bring gunite to your site using a truck. Then, they spray it on the pool area using a high-pressure nozzle. Gunite application needs gunite experts. One mistake during gunite application can lead to severe structural problems with your pool. Gunite application can take a day or two, depending on the size of your pool. After gunite application, leave it to cure for at least 28 days. The curing process may take more time, especially if you live in a rainy area.

Pool finishing, tiling, coping, and decking: 3 weeks

When the gunite completely cures, finish the pool using quality materials. Some of the best finishing materials to use for a gunite pool are tile, aggregate, stone, and glass. Plaster is usually common due to its affordability. Regardless of the finish option you choose, ensure it complements the aesthetics of your pool. Additionally, proceed with tiling and coping. Afterward, you can install the water features of your choice. This process often takes approximately three weeks.

 How Long Does Building Gunite Pools Take?

The total time taken in building gunite pools

On average, building gunite pools takes about two to three months. Gunite swimming pools generally have an extended construction period than other pool types. Therefore, before building gunite pools, evaluate all your requirements. If you want to build a gunite pool, it would be best to start the whole process early. Subsequently, your gunite pool will be ready before summer.

Note that the climatic conditions of your area will determine how long gunite pool building lasts. Warmer areas tend to favor gunite pool construction more than cooler regions. The type of pool construction company you hire also determines how long gunite pool construction takes. Thus, it would be best to hire a reputable pool construction company that focuses on meeting all your requirements.

Building gunite pools within a short period

Here at Lakeside Custom Pools, we have the best gunite pool builders who focus on building quality pools for you. The best thing about working with us is that we complete gunite pool construction within a short period of time. We put the needs of our customers first and make sure we finish the pool by the due date.

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