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Inground Pool Designs That Are Trending in 2023

Inground Pool Designs That Are Trending in 2023

The first question you should ask yourself when deciding what the best inground pool designs are for you is how you want to use the pool. Do you plan on swimming laps first thing in the morning? Is it more like drifting away on lazy days that you have in mind? There are other design alternatives available for the pool’s additional features in addition to its style and shape. These options include a built-in bar, a waterfall, a zero-entry side, and a lot of other features. You can create a design that is unique to your preferences. In order to make your idea a reality, you will need to research and discover a reputable pool builder.

Inground Pool Designs That Are Trending in 2023

Your way of life must be taken into account while planning an inground pool. Plan out your pool and the surrounding area’s functionality ahead of time. Having unobstructed views of your pool from all sides is important for a number of reasons, including keeping an eye on kids. In order to have parties by the pool, tiling the area and purchasing high-quality seating may be necessary.

Here are some popular inground designs that are trending in 2023.

Round pools

The popularity of round pools has persisted for some time. It’s a bold architectural statement that adds visual appeal. In addition, it is often a clever use of space that provides room for feature plantings and seating nooks. Round pools are an eye-catching and unique addition to any garden, no matter the size.

Lap pools

A pool can make a significant visual impact without necessitating a large footprint. Even if your pool is on the narrow side, there should be enough room to swim laps and relax. It may take up less space in the backyard, but it’s still big enough to accommodate a number of people at once when the weather heats up.

Infinity pools

It’s easy to see why infinity pools are such a common inground pool design. An infinity pool is one in which the boundary between the swimming area and the surrounding yard is intentionally obscured. This dramatic effect is always a show-stopper and works especially well when the pool is close to a slope. This setup will help you preserve the splendor of your garden scenery.

Knife-edge pools

Due to their sleek and modern design, knife-edge pools are replacing more traditional inground pool designs. One of the trickiest backyard inground pool designs to build is a “no-wall” layout that makes the water appear to be a flat sheet of glass hidden beneath the decking or tiles.

Look for a pool builder with backyard pool experience and a portfolio full of completed projects to analyze.

Customized pools

If you don’t have enough space or live in an unusual location, you may still build a pool in your backyard thanks to customizable inground pool designs. Some pool builders who specialize in building pools also do architectural planning and 3D design concepts.

So, if you have a concept that deviates from the standard square or rectangle, you need to engage the right pool builder to make it a reality. Creating a unique pool design for your backyard requires you to think outside the box.

Lounging ledges

The inclusion of a Baja shelf or lounging ledge is a luxurious touch for any backyard pool design. Simply put, this is part of the pool where you may lay out some lounge chairs. You’ll be able to enjoy some peace or start a conversation with a friend. Benefit from this function without having to immerse yourself entirely in water.

Geometric pools

Traditional inground pool designs have become obsolete. These days, everybody wants a geometric pool.

The borders of these pools are clean and crisp, typically forming a square, oval, or rectangle. In this kind of pool, swimming laps and playing in the water are both fun things to do. When planning a pool for your outdoor space, it’s important to pick a functional design for your family.

Inground Pool Designs That Are Trending in 2023

Small pools

You can still have the delight of a pool even if your property is on the smaller side. With fewer people in the household or less space available, many homeowners are deciding to go with a more compact pool design.

The two most common varieties of small pools are spools and plunge pools. They provide a comfortable spot to unwind after a strenuous day.

Inground pool designs to suit your needs

Remember the above-mentioned inground pool designs if you want to install a pool in your outdoor space. You can make your pool look nicer for longer by adding one or more features to your yard.

Some of the most impressive inground pool designs can be found right here at Lakeside Custom Pools. If you want to put a pool in your backyard, you can get some beautiful inground pool designs from us. 

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