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Key Features to the Perfect Gunite Pool

How Long Does Building Gunite Pools Take?

Over the years, gunite pools have increasingly become popular among a majority of homeowners. Gunite pools are the most durable and versatile. Hence, they are usually considered a better option compared to vinyl and fiberglass pools. Nevertheless, a gunite pool is more costly. On average, expect to spend $29,000 to $80,000 when installing a gunite pool. Needless to say, the price varies depending on several factors, like the design and the number of additional water features.

Key Features to the Perfect Gunite Pool

The main features of a gunite pool

As mentioned earlier, one of the main benefits of a gunite pool is that it is durable. Gunite pools have a unique structural strength due to gunite. Gunite is a mixture of cement, sand, and water mixed during application. After application, pool contractors normally leave gunite to cure for approximately 28 days. The curing time varies based on the weather conditions. In particular, if you live in a rainy area, the curing time may be longer.

Gunite pools incorporate a steel framework known as rebar. The rebar is responsible for holding the entire structure of the pool. The rebar spreads across the entire excavated area. During construction, pool builders apply gunite over the rebar. When installing this steel bar, ensure you focus on the corners and hard-to-reach areas. Also, ensure you use a thick, quality steel framework to provide good support for the pool.

Gunite pools accommodate a wide range of finish options. More often than not, contractors apply plaster on the gunite after curing takes place. Plaster makes the gunite pool surface waterproof. Hence, it protects it from damage. Nonetheless, note that plaster tends to wear out after several years of use. Thus, you need to conduct a replastering procedure. Other finish material options you can use include aggregate and glass tiles.

Are gunite pools the same as shotcrete pools?

Often, homeowners confuse gunite with shotcrete pools. Although both pools are made from concrete, they incorporate a different construction process. Shotcrete is a wet form of concrete, while gunite is a dry form of concrete. Shotcrete is a mixture of water, sand, and cement. On the flip side, gunite is a combination of sand, cement, and water mixed during application.

The most common water features for the perfect gunite pool

Since gunite pools are versatile, they can accommodate a wide range of water features. Water features make the pool more appealing. Also, it makes the pool more functional. Let’s take a look at some of the water features you can use to create the perfect gunite pool.

Hot Tubs

The first water feature you should think of installing in your gunite pool is a hot tub. Hot tubs provide not only excellent aesthetics but also great functionality. Consider adding a hot tub next to your gunite pool. Here, you can sit and relax as you watch the magnificent views offered by your pool. Ensure you install a hot tub that complements your pool.

Automatic pool covers

Another feature you should include in a gunite pool is an automatic pool cover. Automatic pool covers protect your gunite pool from external damage. Thus, they come in handy during the winter. They keep your pool in good shape until the winter season is over. You can also use an automatic pool cover whenever the pool is not in use. Covers also protect your pools from dirt and debris. The best thing about automatic pool covers is that they are easy to operate.

Built-in steps

If you have a gunite pool, consider putting up built-in steps. Built-in steps act as the perfect lounging spot for swimmers. Here, swimmers can take a break. Parents can also sit here as they monitor their children in the water. Built-in steps are also functional if you have pets.

Pool deck

Gunite pools often accommodate a wide range of decking materials. So, always choose a decking material that complements your pool. Some of the best decking materials include aggregate, concrete, and stone tiles. Pool experts advise choosing a deck material that is non-slippery and resistant to heat. This way, it will be easier and safer to walk around the pool.

Key Features to the Perfect Gunite Pool

Underwater Lights

Pool lights are one of the most popular water features you can install. At present, there is a broad spectrum of pool lights. Some include halogen, fiber optic, and led lights. LED lights are the most popular and durable. Pool lights transform your pool into a glowing oasis. Besides, they improve swimming visibility at night. There are different types of LED lights you can purchase. Consider buying multi-colored LED lights for the best lighting effects.

Final thoughts

There is a broad spectrum of features you can use to create the perfect gunite pool. Some of them include pool lights and automatic pool covers. Regardless of the features you choose, ensure you hire a dependable pool contractor to install them for you. One of the best pool companies you can hire is Lakeside Custom Pools. We offer the best pool services and focus on making your dreams come true.

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