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Outdoor Living

Lakeside Custom Pools is the leading backyard remodeling company in Austin. We have helped hundreds of homeowners throughout the local area realize their dream backyards. Our expertise in Outdoor Living is relied upon throughout the local area by discerning homeowners who long to beautify their outdoor surroundings. We provide quality workmanship, outstanding service, professional designs, and modern outdoor living solutions.

Austin Backyard Remodeling – Outdoor Living Designers

Our licensed and insured Outdoor Living specialists and backyard renovation experts can help you reimagine your backyard. Allow us to present a backyard concept that captures your imagination and helps you visualize your backyard as it currently only exists in your dreams.

Beautify Your Surrounding Pool Area


Your Lakeside Custom Pools has provides quality pavers and decking service to help you complete the look of your swimming pool. The pool surround is one area that you do not want to overlook when planning your pool project. There are a wide variety of products, finishes, and materials to choose from. Allow one of our backyard specialists to walk you through the various options and features available when selecting products and decking materials for your pool surround. Our experts can help guide you toward picking a surround that compliments not only the aesthetics of your home, but provides a safe surface for swimmers entering and exiting the pool area.

Pool Coping

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Choose the ideal pool coping can make a huge difference in the way your swimming pool looks. We provide some great information and an overview of the various coping options available for your inground pool.


The material used to cap the pool edge or shell wall is called Coping. There are many options available such as poured-in-place concrete, precast concrete, tile, and natural stone (pavers, flagstone, etc.).

Poured concrete coping

Using poured concrete coping allows the pool deck to be a single unit. Installers incorporate the coping right over the edge of the pool creating a seamless finish on the horizontal plane. This method make a small perimeter around the pool look alot bigger, and give the pool deck area a cleaner more symmetrical look.

Precast pool coping

Precast concrete coping is an ideal choice that offers a wide variety of textures, patterns, and colors. The cost for installation is typically lower cost than doing a poured concrete deck or natural stone. From an installers viewpoint, it is usually much simpler to install, and offers uniformity in thickness and color, in contrast to working with natural stone.

Natural stone coping

Natural stone or brick pavers are another coping solution that provide  texture, warmth and the sturdiness of stone. There are many materials to choose from ranging from granite, to fieldstone or even limestone. Let our experts help you explore long-lasting coping solutions.

Concrete Decking

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Concrete patios are very popular these days. They provide a fast and professional decking solution. Most concrete concrete decks can be stained various colors. Stamped concrete is also an option for producing beautiful patterns and simulating textures .

Concrete decking is a high quality option that can be easily installed to complete your pool deck area. A sophisticated an completed pool deck area can provide the cohesive look that ties your entire pool to the other backyard amenities.

Let a Lakeside Custom Pools specialist guide you through the products best suited for your particular backyard remodeling project. We can provide cost effective solutions and suggestions to help you achieve the optimum look you are going for.

Steps & Accents

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Outdoor Living Austin

A completed backyard consists of far more than just the swimming pool. Steps and accents help create a much more complete look. Give your backyard the look of sophistication by creating steps to ease access from the main house to the pool area. Additional fixtures and accents help achieve a modern and finished look to your backyard.

With dramatic declines, steps and landings are absolutely essential. We are experienced in creating a complete outdoor living solution for your pool deck area, even with challenging elevations. Lakeside Custom Pools is experienced and has the professional know-how to construct stairs, landings and accents in your backyard. Ask about our construction services when getting a pool estimate from us.

Cabanas, Pergolas, Pavillions


We combine premium materials, expert design, and guaranteed quality to craft your perfect backyard lounge.

Grab an evening drink poolside with friends, or simply enjoy your morning coffee. Our cabanas feature comfortable, plush seating, weather-resistant shades, and stylish tables to suit your tastes. You’ll never want to leave the pool area. A lot of pool owners face a common problem though: no poolside shade to relax in and dry off after a swim.

The solution? Pool Cabanas. These popular structures are easy to install, and the best way to make sure you get the most value out of your pool area.

Fire & Water Features


With a fire element, you can fulfill your outdoor entertainment needs in a number of ways, from sunken fire pits to traditional custom stone work. We can build custom stonework to contain your fire element, whether it’s a fire bowl, table, or insert, at Lakeside Custom Pools.

If you use your fire feature to grill food in the summer or simply to create ambiance, the type of fire feature you select reflects your personality. For modern patios, recessed fire pits are perfect, ideally with no kids running around. A stacked stone fireplace is a rustic, child-friendly addition to any patio, or maybe even a four-unit table-top pit that displays your modern taste.

Water features, which range from waterfalls to decorative ponds, are a soothing and calming addition to any backyard. They not only look amazing, they sound even better, adding to the relaxed nature of the place. Water features, depending on how elaborate you choose to go, serve as a focal point and, in the case of ponds, can also attract wildlife.

Your water feature can also go beyond practical and double as an art piece. With a water feature that features varying amounts of water pouring over a brick wall, covering the patio, flowing under a decorative bridge and emptying into a fish pond, you can get really intricate.

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchens Austin

Installation of an outdoor kitchen is a perfect way to complement outdoor landscape designs, hardscape designs, and drought-tolerant landscape designs. Outdoor kitchens are more than just functional; they’re also a meeting place for friends and family. In Ontaro, we have helped hundreds of homeowners build unbelievable, visually enticing outdoor kitchens and barbecues.


The opportunity to transform it into a functional room that you can enjoy with friends and family is one of the best aspects of owning a house. A perfect way to make use of your entire landscape is to add a cooking and eating area to your backyard. You can cover the whole outdoors in a second kitchen, with everything you need to enjoy it, from outdoor grills to garbage cans to televisions.

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