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Swimming Pool Remodeling

The Leader in Pool Renovations

Due to our top-notch pool remodeling and renovation services, Lakeside Custom Pools has built a strong name for itself throughout the Austin, TX area. Homeowners know they can rely on us for our expert expertise and trustworthy service when it comes to inground swimming pool remodeling and other backyard renovations. We have a long list of committed customers thanks to our reputation as one of the most sought-after Austin pool remodeling companies.

Pool Remodeling - Remove Old Pool Tile, Decking & Coping
Pool Remodeling Project Complete
  • Residential and commercial concrete inground pools
  • Expert pool remodeling and renovation services
  • Specializing in Tile, Plaster, Coping
  • Custom Pebble pool interiors
  • Upgrade Pool Lighting
  • Upgrade Pool Equipment – Pumps, Filters, Heaters, and more.
Pool Remodeling - Pool Interior Installation in Austin, TX
Pool Interior Surface Installation in Austin, TX

Austin Pool Remodeling Experts

You can count on Lakeside Custom Pools for all of your pool renovations, regardless of whether you want to increase the size or design of your swimming pool or add new features and amenities. We provide in-depth knowledge and dependable customer service. As a result, we are a popular choice among Austin homeowners looking for a trustworthy company that can provide excellent pool renovation services. We take great satisfaction in providing the kind of competent and professional remodeling service that sets us apart from the competition. What sets us apart is our degree of expertise, level of commitment, and quality of service.

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Looking to remodel your swimming pool or have other backyard renovations performed? Let us provide you with a free estimate on your remodeling project!