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The Best Tips for Spring Pool Openings

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By opening your pool before the official start of summer, you can be excited and ready for lazy days by the pool. Spring pool openings are a smart move. It’s time to enjoy your pool before the official start of the swimming season in the spring, now that the weather has warmed up a bit. There are a few things to keep in mind if you want your pool ready for your future get-togethers.

The Best Tips for Spring Pool Openings

Tips for the upcoming spring pool openings:

Remove any remaining water from the pool’s cover

The first step is to empty the pool cover of any water that may have built up. Using mesh pool covers, you don’t have to do this. An underwater pump for the cover of the pool will greatly speed up this process.

Remove any fallen leaves or other debris from the area

Remove as much material as you can once you drain water from the cover using a blower, leaf net, or brush. It will make your job much easier if you can prevent this mess from falling into the pool when you lift the cover.

Use a garden hose to raise the level of water

Many swimming pools lose water when it’s cold outdoors. Get your garden hose and add the right amount of water.

Test your pool’s water chemistry

Test the water’s chlorine, pH, alkalinity, and bromine to guarantee the safety and cleanliness of your swimmers and the pool water itself. It is easy and accurate to examine the water quality of a swimming pool using self-testing kits that use test strips. For best results, go for digital and automated color-matching readouts.

Balance the pool chemicals

What chemicals you need to add to make the water swimmable and safe will depend on the analysis results. You can buy chemicals from pool supply stores, hardware and home improvement stores, or buy them on the internet.

  • You can use calcium chloride to reduce the pool water’s calcium hardness
  • Chlorine can’t be burned off in the sun because of cyanuric acid
  • Raise the water’s pH using soda ash

Always make sure that the filtration and circulation systems are running. Every day, remember to clean the filter. In addition, the water has to have extra chlorine added to it.

Remove your cover

You can remove the pool cover when the water is clear. This takes place 7 days after you add the pool chemicals. Make sure you take care when removing the pool cover. Place it somewhere flat and safe after removing any debris or dust. To prevent the buildup of mildew and mold, wait for the cover to dry before dusting it with talcum powder. The cover should be stored in a cool, dry place during the off-season.

Cleaning the cover with a vacuum cleaner

There are a lot of leaves and other trash accumulating on the bottom of the pool, so it’s time to vacuum it. You may consider investing in an automatic pool cleaning machine to make your life a little easier. Robotic vacuums and scrubbers are ideal for helping remove dirt and debris from the pool’s floor. Look for robotic pool cleaners that don’t require a filtration system, booster pool pump, or garden hose to be attached to.

Skim the surface of the pool

In order to remove debris from the water, you’ll need a long-handled pool net.

Your swimming pool’s safety equipment needs inspection

Swimming pool safety is a key problem in a lot of communities. You can check your swimming pool’s conformity with municipal regulations by contacting your local building and code departments. Most cities and municipalities impose or recommend the following requirements or recommendations:

  • A pool alarm will sound if a non-swimmer, pet, or child falls into the water or jumps in.
  • You can keep unwanted visitors at bay by installing a camera around your pool area.
  • A 4-foot-high fence is ideal around all swimming pools to keep swimmers safe.
  • Using a self-latching, self-closing gate with a pool gate alarm adds another layer of security.
The Best Tips for Spring Pool Openings

Regular maintenance

After the spring pool openings, you’ll need to keep up with a few regular duties to keep your pool sparkling:

  • Vacuuming the pool’s bottom on a weekly basis.
  • There should be a regular check-up and cleaning of the filter
  • Check the water’s composition every two to three days.
  • Add water to the pool with a garden hose or an automatic pool leveler.

Let professionals do your spring pool openings

Simply follow these simple instructions to open your pool quickly and affordably. Swimming in a dazzling, sparkling, healthy backyard pool will be ready for you. A pool service provider will speed up the process. Our professional team of gunite pool builders will be happy to install a pool in your backyard. Contact us today!

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