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The Perfect Backyard Pool 

The Perfect Backyard Pool 

The addition of a backyard pool might be an excellent investment. The area has the potential to be a stress reliever, workout spot, and social gathering spot. Swimming pool properties are constantly in demand, and it’s easy to see why.

The Perfect Backyard Pool 

While planning the perfect backyard pool, several aspects need consideration. The pool’s shape should consider the surrounding environment and the user’s priorities. Backyard pools are great, but when planning or remodeling one, it’s important to think about other installations such as decking surrounds, water features, and landscaping.

Here’s some tips to help create your perfect backyard pool.

Incorporate a cabana

Pool ownership can be a lot of fun, but sometimes you want to relax by the water without getting wet. A cabana can double as a changing room for guests, additional seating, and even a place to relax out of the sun. When it has soft seats and cushions, a cabana offers the best place to spend time with your loved ones and guests. In addition, you can chill out in the sun and have a barbecue without getting too hot. You can upgrade your cabana’s aesthetic by installing an outdoor kitchen or lighting fixtures. The result will be a plush space perfect for relaxing by your backyard pool or hosting gatherings.

You can use the area around your pool by constructing a cabana there. With imagination and planning, you can create a lovely outdoor area perfect for hosting events or relaxing in the fresh air. Whichever you choose, a private cabana will add a touch of fun and luxury to your backyard pool.

Many sizes and shapes of pools exist; which one is best for your yard?

A backyard pool can take almost any form you can imagine. Owners will need to consider the shape of their yard in addition to the pool’s desired aesthetic while making their selection.

Those who wish to use the space for physical activity, such as swimming laps, may prefer lap pools, while infinity pools are ideal for those who want to unwind and take it easy. A remarkable, custom-built pool is a great option for owners who want to make a statement.

Popular pool designs now include:

  • Custom Shapes
  • Oval or round shapes
  • L-Shaped
  • Figure-8 Shaped
  • Kidney-Shaped
  • Traditional Rectangular

After that, it’s time to think about the landscaping around your backyard pool, how much sun the area gets, and whether or not you need an attached spa.

Spruce up your space with creative water features.

Adding water features like waterfalls, bubblers, fountains, and unique lighting can make a backyard pool more peaceful and beautiful. The result is eye-catching when you integrate ornamental fountains into the landscape design. The use of bubbler fountains as eye-catching decorations for first-entry steps and sunbathing ledges is on the rise.

Envision arcs of water gushing from deck jets and drenching your pool and patio area. Spectacular LED lighting may turn jet features into standalone attractions in their own right. The most convenient pool LED systems are the automatic ones. These let you adjust the lighting’s movements, heights, colors, and intensity cycles from a distance.

A waterfall is one of the most popular landscape additions for a backyard pool. Users can cool off and get a sensory overload from walls and rock ledges with rain curtains or running water around a pool’s edge. These “shower” setups are convenient since they allow swimmers to clean off quickly before diving into the water.

Creating a private paradise with landscaping

The landscaping around a backyard pool should reflect the local flora and fauna. This includes the kinds of flowers, plants, and trees that thrive there. The availability of irrigation systems, rain, and sun can either severely restrict or greatly expand a homeowner’s options.

Most pool landscape plans include colorful flowers, ferns, and palm trees. They evoke a lush, tropical atmosphere. Certain palms, hostas, ferns, and hibiscuses can withstand freezing weather, though the best varieties will vary depending on where you live.

The Perfect Backyard Pool 

According to xeriscaping principles, landscaping a backyard pool is a great option for people who wish to save water or live in arid regions that do not receive much rain. Xeriscaping is a landscaping practice developed to lessen or do away with watering needs. If you want to spice up your pool area but don’t want to spend a fortune or have to tend to your plants constantly, this is a great alternative to consider.

Elevate the pool’s perimeter with stones, either real or artificial. ‘Mock’ pebbles that can be hung in sheets are available from several pool suppliers. Some even feature built-in speakers that work with smart home hubs or Bluetooth. Add an open-air pool house, a sail shade, or a cabana to your backyard to create an oasis that rivals the finest five-star hotels.

Let’s help create a perfect backyard pool

With careful planning and work, your backyard could become a popular place to hang out, relax, and have fun. To fully appreciate the convenience of having a gunite backyard pool, it’s best to build it out of natural materials, choose to landscape, use native plants, and add some water features. Contact Lakeside Custom Pools today!

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