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Top 5 Gunite Pool Designs for Summer

Top 5 Gunite Pool Designs for Summer

Adding a gunite pool to your backyard this summer is a fantastic idea. There are many different pool designs to choose from, each perfect for a different purpose. In this article, we’ll look at some of the best pool designs so you can build your dream backyard paradise.

Top 5 Gunite Pool Designs for Summer

Here are some pool designs to consider for the summer

Plunge Pools

Plunge pools are the best way to bring color and comfort to your yard. For this reason, these pool designs are highly recommended for use in urban areas.

Also, the cost is much more manageable than that of a full-sized pool. Plunge pools are a luxurious addition to any yard. They provide hours of fun in the water for family and friends. Choosing the ideal pool for your house is simple, as many designs and styles exist.

Nothing beats a refreshing dip in the pool on a steamy summer day. Plunge pools are useful for cooling off and unwinding after a long day of city life. These pool designs are fantastic for relaxing. They are also for holding barbecues and spending quality time with friends and family outside. There’s a pool design out there that is just right for you, thanks to the abundance of options available today.

Infinity Pools

There is a wide range of pool designs to decide on, all of which are great for enjoying a summer day. The goal of an “infinity pool” is to make it look like the water has no bottom, hence the name. By making the water flow over several sides, you can make it look like the sea goes on forever. Even though it costs a lot to get started, an infinity pool is a beautiful addition to any outdoor space. The value of your home will rise even further, thanks to an infinity pool. While these pool designs are more commonly associated with urban locations, we can help you realize your dream in practically any location.

Free-Form Pools

Homeowners who prefer a more natural aesthetic often perfer freeform pools. They provide a comfortable setting ideal for unwinding and socializing. Your freeform pool design can take on a more tropical feel with the addition of fire features, a grotto, or a rock-faced waterfall. Curved edges and round or oval shapes are common in freeform pools. The pools are adaptable to locations where conventional pools would not work due to their unusual shapes. This pool design could be ideal if your backyard is small or has an unusual shape.

Natural Pools

Pools are a common fixture but may be a financial and ecological burden. That’s why picking the perfect pool design for your backyard is critical.

These pool designs are more beautiful and sophisticated than the average pool. This is because they are constructed from natural materials like brick and stone. They will be aesthetically pleasing and sustainable, needing less maintenance. In addition, they can save you money compared to other pool options.

Consider putting in a natural pool if you want to create a one-of-a-kind sanctuary in your own backyard. Various sizes and styles of these pools are available, so you may find one that works for you. In addition, if you do your landscaping right, you may change the look of your entire backyard with a single effort.

Natural-design pools require the same level of care and attention to detail when it comes to installation as any other type of pool. Some unique maintenance considerations must be made when designing and building a natural-style pool.

Top 5 Gunite Pool Designs for Summer

Geometric Pools

Pools with a geometric design with 90-degree corners and straight lines look good in traditional or modern homes with big backyards. Modern, elegant design is what you get with these pool designs. They are the best option for those who want to swim laps in their own backyard. They also allow for unique customization.

Relax in luxury with our pool designs

Having a pool in your backyard lets you carve out your own little piece of paradise. Create the atmosphere of a tropical resort without the trouble of actually traveling to one. Gunite pool designs are a wonderful way to increase your home’s worth and improve your satisfaction with where you reside. We hope this article has inspired you to design a pool for your backyard. Get in touch with Lakeside Custom Pools for a no-cost consultation if you’re ready to start building your dream pool. We can’t wait to work with you to design and build the ideal outdoor space for your family.

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