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What Inground Pool Shape Should I Get?

What Inground Pool Shape Should I Get?

The pool’s shape is among the many decisions you should make when designing an outdoor swimming pool. There’s more to the choice than meets the eye, after all. Certainly, aesthetics matter. You want your pool concepts to mesh well with the rest of your yard and your overall design goals and objectives. You can choose an inground pool shape to complement a sloping yard or make the most of a limited area.

What Inground Pool Shape Should I Get?

Perhaps you have fantasies of a tropical lagoon and are looking for a setting that captures that vibe. You might also prefer a more modern aesthetic that uses the scenery. Keep in mind that there exists an inground pool shape that will meet your every desire.

You should ask yourself these questions before settling on an inground pool shape:

Space and placement

  • Are there any other outside features you plan to install soon? Outdoor kitchens, shrubbery, trees, waterfalls, and more.
  • How much decking or patio space would you like? When designing a new patio or deck, this is an essential factor to consider when determining the pool’s size.
  • Is there any current landscape you’d like to preserve? Finding an inground pool shape that goes with the plants and animals in your outdoor space is possible.
  • Where do you want to put the pool in your yard (and at what angle)?
  • How big of a pool do you want, and how much room do you have in your backyard?

Features and style

  • What do you think? Will the shape of your inground pool fit in with the design of your house?
  • Adding hydrotherapy spas, diving boards, slides, and sunbathing ledges would be great fun.
  • What kind of mood do you hope to create in your backyard? Inspiring peace, like a day at the spa? Like a five-star resort in terms of style and comfort? What about a natural tropical paradise?

Users and activities

  • To what extent do you wish the pool to be deep? Certain depths are necessary for recreational activities like scuba diving.
  • If you have a regular swimmer, you should consider what they will be interested in doing in the pool. During your time at the pool, what do you envision as the most enjoyable pursuits? Water sports, pool parties, lap swimming, diving, etc.
  • When it comes to your pool, who will be the most frequent users? It is important to make using the pool easy and safe for kids and anyone with mobility issues.

Choose the best inground pool shape for your backyard.

Geometric Pools

Sharply angular in design, a geometric pool complements any backyard shape. The geometric pool shapes cascade over the landscape like a waterfall. This inground pool shape is perfect if you want to convey the impression of ancient water reserves in a forested region of your yard. Putting stairs all over your backyard paradise will make it look more historic.

Figure-8 Pool

The pool in Figure 8 is ideal for families or those who want a versatile space to swim and play. A figure-8 pool’s two ends need different dimensions. Figure 8 divides the water into two distinct zones: shallow and deeper. Young kids can play safely at the shallow end, and adults can see when the water gets deeper. The figure-8’s indentations on either side make excellent planting areas for low-lying plants.


This is more of a style than a shape; it’s meant to evoke the fluidity of a body of natural water. Most people prefer and have room for freeform pool shapes. You can alter the shape of your inground pool to fit your budget and space constraints. Free-form pools are more flexible in design because they can take on any shape you can imagine.

Kidney Shaped Pool

Like a long oval with a dip on one end, this pool is kidney shaped. Its adaptability to a wide range of backyard dimensions has made it a popular pick. The natural appearance of a kidney-shaped pool is aided by the lack of sharp angles typical of geometric pools. This inground pool design incorporates a deep and shallow end. Some homeowners choose to put a spa or other water feature where plants and bushes usually go in this inground pool shape.

L-Shaped Pool

L-shaped pools evolved from standard rectangular pools. This inground pool shape is great for lap swimmers and people who want to train in the water. It is also good for younger swimmers because the shallow end is easier.

What Inground Pool Shape Should I Get?

Rectangle Pools

By far the most popular shape, it can be easily and tastefully implemented in the vast majority of outdoor spaces. This inground pool shape is the most common, with many variants. Modernists favor rectangle pools for their understated beauty and sophisticated lines.

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