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Why Should You Install Inground Gunite Pools?

Why Should You Install Inground Gunite Pools?

In addition to their durability, inground gunite pools are popular because you can shape them in various ways. As a result, gunite pools are popular at resorts and, increasingly, in homes.

Why Should You Install Inground Gunite Pools?

Even the most basic, rectangular inground gunite pools are custom-made. For this reason, there are numerous options to think about, such as pool depth, benches, the stairs’ location, and size, as well as the sun shelf’s shape and size. Custom inground gunite pools have no additional fees. Is it time to build a gunite pool in your yard? Lakeside Custom Pools will be happy to help you build a pool in your backyard.

Installing inground gunite pools

The first steps in building your new pool are digging your pool shape and installing iron rebar. Using rebar, you can form a grid around the perimeter of the swimming pool and spa to strengthen the structure. With a strong coating of gunite applied around the rebar, you’ll begin to see your vision take shape. After that, the gunite is smoothed out and allowed to set.

In order to match your pool’s surrounding landscape, plaster is the most popular pool finish choice. With a tile and pebble finish, you may get a unique and luxurious appearance. Do not be afraid of mixing and matching! It can be a great way to add color and interest to your plaster surface by using tile accents.

The time it takes to construct inground gunite pools

Within 4 to 6 weeks, you can expect your inground gunite pool to be ready. Building a pool necessitates several steps, including digging the hole, installing rebar framework, and laying gunite. There’s also coping and putting in water tiles, building concrete decks and pavers, and putting on the finishing touches.

When compared to other options for an inground pool, 6 weeks may seem like a long time. However, the drying process of gunite delays the construction of gunite structures. Take note of how important it is to leave granite to cure correctly, so don’t rush the process.

How to maintain inground gunite pools

When it comes to maintaining an inground gunite pool, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Refinishing a pool’s gunite surface is possible. Unlike vinyl or fiberglass swimming pools, gunite pools that are built into the ground will eventually show signs of wear. You will have to re-finish the pool’s surface at some point to keep it looking nice and smooth. This involves applying a new coat of finish. Your gunite pool, on the other hand, won’t deteriorate with time like fiberglass or vinyl liner pools do.
  • Algae will easily grow on your pool’s porous surface. You’ll need to do filtration, use more chemicals, and brush the swimming pool more frequently to keep it clear of algae as a result.

What are inground gunite pools, and how do they differ from other swimming pools?

A gunite pool is the most common type of inground swimming pool built nowadays by the majority of homeowners. Pools made with gunite are popular for their extended life expectancy and wide range of design options. Since you can construct these pools to fit any size or shape, they are a popular choice for homeowners.

It fits any space and shape

Gunite’s adaptability allows you to select from a wide range of sizes and shapes. A gunite pool can take on any shape to suit your needs. You may have space limitations, but we have a team of professionals who know exactly how to make the pool fit your space and landscape precisely.

Added features

With a gunite pool, you can add a number of water features to your home to enhance its aesthetics. Grottos, jets, underwater benches, spas, custom steps, waterfalls, and tanning ledges are some of the water features that go well with inground gunite pools.

Variety of finishes

Professional pool builders can finish inground gunite pools in a variety of ways. This allows homeowners to create a unique design. Plaster and colored quartz are the most common finishes in inground gunite pools. Also, glass and pebbles can help make a swimming pool look artistic, unique, and expensive.

The quality of plaster has deteriorated dramatically; thus, it is no longer the best finishing material in the construction sector. Because of their low maintenance, pebble finishes are the most eye-catching and economical. The pebble finish on inground gunite pools can persist for several decades without extensive maintenance. Pebbles are without a doubt the most cost-effective pool finish available.

Why Should You Install Inground Gunite Pools?


These pools offer long-term durability. Inground gunite pools are constructed using a rebar structure that runs across the entire pool. The pool contractors also spray gunite at great speed over the framework. As a result, it forms a strong, compact material.

The typical way of pouring concrete is inferior to the above method. Because gunite is extremely resilient, these inground gunite pools will last for many years.


Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our knowledgeable staff at Lakeside Custom Pools if you have any questions about the construction of inground gunite pools. You can get started on your pool building project by contacting us today.

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