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Why You Should Add a Swim-up Bar to Your Gunite Pool

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There is nothing as satisfying as sipping cold lemonade while partially immersed in water in the summer heat. Consequently, swim-up bars are increasingly becoming popular among a majority of pool owners. If you love spending hours in the pool, you will unquestionably enjoy this spectacular water feature. Let’s look at some of the reasons for adding a swim-up bar to your gunite pool.

Why You Should Add a Swim-up Bar to Your Gunite Pool

What is a swim-up bar?

First, let’s understand the meaning of a swim-up bar. It is often made from concrete and resembles a bar structure. Usually, they comprise concrete bar stools and a countertop, either at the center of the pool or on one side. Most of them have three to five bar stools, depending on the size of the pool. The barstools are installed permanently on the pool floor and are partially immersed in the water. The countertop is also permanently installed in the pool, with the top section above the water. This way, you can serve drinks and food on the counter. These bars serve as the focal point for most pools. Not only do they offer exceptional aesthetics, but also great functionality.

There is a broad spectrum of designs you can use for your swim-up bars. You can also decorate it with glass tiles or decorate tile. Additionally, they will incorporate a shade structure to protect swimmers from the sun. These shade structures often resemble patio umbrellas. Before incorporating this feature into your pool, conduct extensive research on the designs that best suit your pool.

Benefits of a swim-up bar

An excellent source of entertainment:

One of the major advantages of swim-up bars is that they offer great entertainment. With a swim-up bar, your pool parties become more enjoyable. Your guests can sit, eat, and have fun while partially immersed in the water. Additionally, you can sit by the pool and enjoy breathtaking views of your yard. You can add an outdoor home theater near the bar where you can watch your favorite channels and movies.

Keep your children occupied:

Contrary to popular belief, not all swim-up bars deal with alcoholic drinks. Thus, you can let your children relax in the swim-up bar while they enjoy their lunch. You won’t have to take your children out of the pool during feeding times. Therefore, this add-on provides more hours of pool play for your children, especially during summer. They can also play with their floating toys while sitting at the swim-up bar.

Perfect for saving space:

A swim-up bar can help you save space if you have limited outdoor space. You can create one with a kitchen island inside the pool. This way, you won’t need to create a separate outdoor kitchen. Also, you won’t have to create a lounging area by the poolside if you have enough bar stools in the pool.

An exceptional source of aesthetics:

The aesthetics offered by swim-up bars are out of this world. This unique water feature creates a remarkable focal point in the pool. Subsequently, it makes your yard look like a first-class holiday destination. In turn, this increases the value of your property. Pools with these bars are more costly. If you want to transform your outdoor space, consider installing one in your gunite pool.

Factors to consider before installing a swim-up bar

Before you put up a swim-up bar in your pool. There are several factors you ought to consider. Some of these factors include:


You need to evaluate whether the space in your pool is enough to accommodate your swim-up bar. If you have a small pool, you will need to construct one consisting of two to three stools. Larger pools are ideal for accommodating swim-up bars.


Conduct thorough research on the swim-up bar designs available on the market. Ensure the design you choose complements your pool. It would be best to consult your pool contractor on the best design to incorporate.


Swim-up bars are quite costly to install. If you are planning to install this water feature, expect to spend approximately $5,000. So, plan your finances. You can either save up or look for an affordable financing option for your pool.

Why You Should Add a Swim-up Bar to Your Gunite Pool

Size and shape of your yard:

Another factor you need to consider is the shape and size of your yard. Typically, the shape and size of your yard determine the type of swim-up bar you will install. Get a professional pool builder to analyze your yard before installing this unique water feature.

The final verdict

Ultimately, a swim-up bar is a spectacular feature you can add to your pool. They not only serve as great sources of aesthetics but also functionality. Nonetheless, it is essential to hire a reliable pool contractor to install one for you. Here at Lakeside Custom Pools, we have the best pool builders who deliver quality swim-up bar installation services. So, if you want to install a swim-up bar in your pool, we’ve got you covered.

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